Sunday, October 3, 2010

Good Morning Sweet Friends,

I returned from Dallas yesterday like many of you, who attended the Conversations ’10 conference for women in ministry. It was outstanding! It felt wonderful connecting with other women involved in ministry from all over the country. I loved meeting many of you who I have become friends with through my ministry on facebook. I leave again this afternoon for our District Minister’s Retreat! Life is busy!

One of the things that continues to resonate in my spirit is that God is calling us to know who we are in Christ. In order for us to fulfill the purpose and plan God has for our lives, we MUST become CONFIDENT in who we are as a woman of God. To me that translates to – I don’t have to be like Betty, Susan, Jenny or Olivia (random names ). I don’t need to be like any other woman in ministry no matter how incredible they are. I need to be ME. I need to be Debbie Shank. God’s plan for my life will be different from others. I need to pursue God’s complete plan for MY LIFE and trust Him fully each and every day even when life appears to be uncertain and unclear.

I pray God’s fullness upon your life and ministry today. May God bless you abundantly this week. God does love you and cares about every detail of your life.

Love and appreciate you,