Sunday, December 18, 2011

Live For the King

Good Morning Precious Girlfriends,

Well, this is it! One week from Christmas!  Gifts bought and wrapped, shopping completed for the Christmas meal and all the baking is finished right??????  Well, for me that is a BIG NO!! lol

Sheri Rose Shepherd wrote an awesome book called, My Prince Will Come. I want to encourage you during this busy time of the year with some great thoughts from her book.

We have been crowned with forgiveness, salvation, and acceptance into God’s kingdom. Because His Spirit is in us, we are now adorned with his Beauty. Now is the time to shine for Him – let’s not miss a moment of what He has for us to do! Remember, just as God placed Queen Esther in the court of King Xerxes so that she could save her people, our heavenly King has put us in a particular place in order to save people who don’t yet know him. We are appointed to be His princesses for such a time as this. Our reign is now! Put on your God-appointed crown and take your royal position.

This royal call is not about our accomplishments. Our King has done it all. He died on the cross for our sins so that we can begin our eternal reign while we are here. Our reign is about our confidence in our King, and about investing our time and God-given talents in eternity. We have come into this world with nothing, and we will leave with nothing except the legacy of those we lead to the Lord. The only significant thing we will leave behind us is our witness for Jesus and the memory of a life lived in faith in Him. So don’t let the devil distract you for another moment with all the busyness we face during this time of the year. Choose to make your life matter for all eternity. Don’t allow anything or anyone to keep you from your calling! And remember that it was not the crown on her head that made Esther a great queen. It was her heart for her God and her people and her willingness to serve Him. So live for your King, and He will crown you in His glory for all to see you are His!

Merry Christmas beautiful ladies! May God continue to bless you in mighty ways.

Love you,

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Good Morning Sweet Friends,

Here we are, two weeks from Christmas!! I bet your shopping is done, gifts are wrapped and cookies are baked right………….? Well I can tell you that isn’t the case in my life. So much to do and so little time to accomplish all the tasks on our plates. I love Christmas but every year is such a challenge for me to get it all finished by Christmas morning.

Monday evening our church is hosting the District Christmas party. We usually have between 65-75 guests attend this event. It is a great time and our folks from church are looking forward to being servants for the evening. Tuesday and Thursday evening I am hosting a fellowship at my home for my mentoring groups.  Busy week but exciting times!

Persistence definitely has its rewards. We all have a zillion things to accomplish before Christmas morning and we will continue to work at it until it is all done. We have a responsibility to our spouse, families and our church family. But what about our persistence regarding what God has called us to do?

The lady with the issue of blood in the Bible was amazing. Have you ever really thought about how difficult it was for her to forge her way through the crowd just to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment? Jesus was on his way to Jairus’s house and people were all around him. Multitudes were surrounding him virtually making it impossible to get through. But one woman was persistent and determined to reach Him. Her faith was so strong that she knew if she could just touch the hem of his garment she would be healed. That friend is amazing faith!

I want that kind of faith in my life. When I am faced with overwhelming challenges I want to demonstrate faith that has no doubt . I want to demonstrate that same faith in my life when everything around me looks dark and hopeless. That level of faith will take us places we never dreamed were possible in our lives.

So, what will it be for you? We are quickly approaching a brand new year filled with many joys, doubts, challenges, and most likely some times of heartache. Our faith and trust in Jesus Christ will definitely carry us through to the end if we determine in our own hearts that no matter how difficult the journey to the hem of the garment – it will be worth it.

Be blessed friend. I pray for God’s amazing power to penetrate your services today. I pray for a special touch from God today for you and your family. God loves you so much. No matter what lies the enemy whispers in your ears, God’s plan is amazing and He longs to use you to further the Kingdom.

Love and appreciate you,

Monday, December 5, 2011

Seeing God's Hand In Our Circumstances

I was reading recently that the book of Esther is the only book in the Bible where God is never mentioned. In fact, many people over the years questioned whether it should even be included as one of the books of the Bible for that reason.

Esther is the story of how God used one woman to change the fate of an entire nation. Although God's name is not mentioned in this book you can certainly recognize His fingerprints on every page! The book of Esther shows the choice we make between seeing His hand in our circumstances in life and seeing things as merely coincidence. God's plans are never moved by the actions of evil men and women in our society. The silent love language our Father often uses to communicate directly to our spirit is illustrated in this book.

Esther proved to mirror a Godly and teachable character that exhibited incredible strength and awesome obedience. Esther was unique and this caused her to be elevated into the position of Queen. She certainly demonstrates to us that remaining respectful and humble even in difficult if not humanly impossible circumstances often set us up to be the vessel of untold blessing for both ourselves and others. She is a positive role model that can influence us with her repeated Godly attitudes in difficult positions. You won't read of any complaints or bad behavior on her part in this book. She often won the favor of those around her. That favor is what ultimately saved her people.

By utilizing Esther's example of maintaining a positive attitude, united with humility and the determination of leaning on God and seeking His will and favor in our circumstances, we will recognize that God is absolutely amazing. I rejoice today in knowing that God walks with me through the pit of the valley and high on the mountain top. No matter what it is I will face this week, God will be with me. His encouragement, peace and strength is just a prayer away.

If you are struggling today with difficult circumstances just seek Him. He has all the answers ............