Thursday, November 12, 2009

God Is God

I have been praying about a situation for quite a while. For several nights this "thing" recently has been consuming my life. One night I wasn't able to sleep and I tossed and turned for hours. Finally after praying for what seemed to be hours, I simply asked the Lord to please give me a peace about this situation. No matter what the outcome would be, just give me peace. Shortly after that prayer I fell asleep. When I woke a few hours later to prepare for my day, I did have an overwhelming peace about the "thing" I had been so concerned about. Isn't God amazing? I know that. I really do know that. But sometimes life can be so overwhelming and even though we know God is still on the throne, those "things" tend to consume us. Ministry can be challenging and very stressful and at times we are consumed with those "things". Have you ever been there?

The Lord beautifully worked in that situation and the outcome was something I never imagined. Be encouraged today. God is still in control of our lives and even when we think there is no favorable solution to the problem, God says something totally different!

Thank you Lord for always being there when we call upon your name. You are simply amazing!

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