Sunday, February 20, 2011

Good Morning Beautiful Friends,

I attended the Potomac District Ladies Winter Conference in Williamsburg this weekend. What a blessing!!!! Susanne Cox is a powerful anointed woman of God with a Word!! It was an incredible time away with great ladies from our church and District. Fellowship and building relationships with one another is so vital in ministry. We left Williamsburg yesterday afternoon to make our way back to Warrenton, VA which normally takes 2.5 hours. Because of intense brush fires along I-295 traffic was re- routed. We were blessed with the scenic route on a two lane highway! Our trip home was 6 hours! But…… we still had the joy of the Lord and I am still praising God this morning for an awesome weekend!

God has so much for our lives ladies. As I watched Susanne minister this weekend and share her incredible testimony the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart numerous times. I think especially as pastor’s wives we often feel challenged to be the woman of God He is calling us to be in our churches. I want the freedom to do ALL God is challenging me to do so I can be a powerful anointed woman of God making a significant difference for the Kingdom! It isn’t a question of can I have it. We can have that too! The Lord wants us to possess that power in our lives but the enemy is speaking lies and discouragement into our minds often hindering us from all the blessings God has for our lives.

Girlfriends, I challenge you today to step out and grasp ALL that God has for your life. Time is short and we have so much to do. The trumpet is going to sound and there are so many people who are lost and need Jesus. God will give us divine appointments in our lives to share the gospel if we pray for them. God will open doors of opportunity for our ministry if we pray for them. God will anoint our lives and ministries and work miracles through us if we pray for them. Do you want all God has for you? Do you really want it all?

We impact people around us all the time and often we have no idea that others even notice us. Yesterday morning I was waiting in line at our retreat for breakfast and one of the servers told me that I had sunshine all over my face. I thanked him and a few seconds later he told me that the joy of the Lord was all over me. Wow!! I truly was standing there minding my own business and had no idea anyone even noticed me. Obviously he was also a Christian and was smiling from ear to ear but what an encouragement at 8am in the morning! Friends, we can make a difference!

Lord, bless my beautiful girlfriends and pour your anointing upon each of them in a mighty and powerful way today. I pray for their ministries and families Lord. Encourage them today Father. We love you Lord so much and want to accomplish great things for the Kingdom of God. Remove any hindrance or obstacle that is keeping them from being who you have called them to be. Empower them and bless them Lord. In your mighty name I pray. Amen.

Have a power packed Sunday! Be encouraged. God loves you and so do I!! The joy of the Lord is our strength!!


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