Sunday, May 9, 2010

Good Morning Beautiful Girlfriends!! To those who are moms I wish you a very Happy Mother's Day!!!

I pray ALL of you will be abundantly blessed today and may God encourage you in a BIG way. I know many of you are facing major challenges in your lives this morning. I don't have the answers but I know a God who does. Even when there just doesn't seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel God is in control and holds your future in the palm of His hands. He is walking every step of that valley with us.

God loves you and cares very much about you. He cares for the little sparrow that falls to the ground. How much more does He care for you and I? I know when we are in the midst of a deep valley it may sometimes be difficult to focus on how much He cares for us but God ALWAYS walks with us and is ALWAYS there to hear our prayers even when we are feeling alone and hurting.

Look to Him this morning. Place your trust in the one who knows everything about us. The one who created us and has an awesome plan for our lives.

I pray that you have an awesome day. I pray blessings upon your ministry and your family. I pray that miracles will be performed this week in your lives. I pray that financial needs will be met, bodies will be healed in the name of Jesus and that you will be blessed beyond measure.

Love and appreciate you,

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