Sunday, June 12, 2011

Good Morning Beautiful Girlfriends!

I pray that you have had an awesome weekend. I am excited!  Brandon, Casey and Cayden are leaving MO on Friday to travel home to VA to live!! He is stepping out to full-time ministry as an evangelist with Tour 29:11.  Check out his ministry website.

Cayden is now six months old and we have only seen him twice.  He doesn't have a clue who Grammy and Grand-dad are but I hope to let him know in a few days!! It will be so good to have our family in one place again. Would you please keep Brandon and his family in your prayers as he travels?

Be encouraged today that God loves you and continues to walk with you daily as your guide and protector. Psalm 18:32, It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. (NIV) Praise Him for that!!! I can have confidence today knowing that when life simply doesn't make sense God has my back!

God promises in his word to give us strength to meet the daily challenges we face but he doesn't promise to eliminate them. If he gave us no rough roads to walk, no mountains to climb, and no battles to fight, we would not grow. He will not leave us alone with the challenges we face. He stands beside us and strengthens us to face them.

Let's rejoice in the battles!!!! That is where we grow and mature in our walk with him.

Have a wonderful Sunday! May God bless you abundantly today in your ministry and family.

You are loved and appreciated,

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  1. Beautiful page and song! God bless!
    Rev. Valissa Moore