Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Loneliness of Pastor's Wives

It was a very late night at church last evening doing pre-marriage counseling. When the alarm clock began making that annoying noise at 5am I did not want to get out of bed!!!

Ministry is exciting, challenging and often very tiring.  I can remember when our children were small and I was working full-time outside of the home, how chaotic our lives were.  Our kids are now grown adults, married and have children of their own.  How quickly time passes......

If you are not connected to the group on FB for pastor's wives and ministry women I encourage you to check it out.  It is a resource where ministry women can connect with one another, encourage and pray for others who are facing challenges in their lives.  The group is called Chocolate and Coffee/Pastor's Wives and Ministry Women.

I receive many emails from other pastor's wives and ministry women who are dealing with a number of challenges.  Loneliness seems to be number uno for so many pastor's wives.  Many do not have any friendships in the church and some don't have friends with other ministry wives.  The ministry can be a very lonely place and we need others who will pray and encourage us when the challenges become overwhelming. 

Do you have friends that allow you to be open and honest about the struggles you face in ministry?  How do  you deal with the challenges of the profession?

Love to hear your feedback girlfriends.

Many blessings,


  1. Thank you so much, Debbie, for talking about loneliness! It is that "something" about ministry that I have to turn over to the Lord most often. I know that the Enemy wants me to feel isolated and alone to get my ear turned just enough away from my Shepherd to hear His voice on issues like friendship and my husband and the image I bear. I know that's when I tend to shut out my truest friends and go back to my "check-list" faith instead of trusting the Lord.
    I am thankful for a couple of amazing friends in the city in which God allows us to minister who I can share life with. Also, PRAISE GOD, my sister is a ministry wife as well. We talk daily and pray for one another daily. She and I started a ministry to youth minister's wives 4 years ago and it has grown our network of friendships we can depend on greatly within the state of Oklahoma.
    I love seeing what God is doing in your heart and I am always encouraged when you post on FB, especially Sunday mornings! Press on dear woman!
    Cory Lynne Myers

  2. Totally get the lonliness we are also in a small town which feels like it makes it worse there too. No where for the pastors wife to take off that hat. Feeling like right now I want to Scream! I am a single mom at church also expected to teach sunday school(I don't do well when kids out number me) I hid out at another church to get spiritually fed 2 times in the last 8 months....they don't get it and have been feeling their wrath ever since...what other job does a spouse have where the other is expected to show up once a week and volunteer.....could you imagine a doctors wife coming in wiht the kids to file?...sorry can ya tell a little bitter right now?.....(sigh)

    Lookin for a place to hide