Sunday, September 11, 2011

Break Through!

Good Morning Beautiful Girlfriends!

Another Sunday morning and another week full of busyness. Does this apply to any of you this morning?

As a worship leader, music is an integral part of my life. Many times when life seems super heavy and overwhelming I listen to music and meditate on God’s Word. Music is soothing to my soul and truly ministers to my spirit in a powerful way.

As I prepared the music schedule this weekend I thought about how many times I have been guilty of leading a beautiful worship song but my actions certainly did not demonstrate the truth in those songs. I may have been dealing with an overwhelming battle in my own life and instead of trusting God to take care of the situation, I worried and lacked the faith I needed for a break through.

There is a song that has been around for awhile, Break Through. Break through all my fears. Break through all my doubts. Break through that I may worship you. Break through all my pain. Break through all my guilt and my shame. Break through like only You can do………… Powerful words aren’t they? But it even gets better. You are brighter than my darkest night;  Stronger than my toughest fight. Just one touch from You; my King, my Friend, and I’ll never be the same again. Break Through!!

We all know people who are struggling with cancer and some of you are even dealing with this in your own families. Many are suffering with depression and hopelessness. Marriages are being challenged and families are crumbling. God is brighter than our darkest night and stronger than our toughest fight! Declare that today! God is our strength, our peace, our comforter and healer.

Friends, I challenge you today to step up to the plate with a faith that cannot waver when the wind blows and the ship is being tossed back and forth. Our God reigns and He is always in control even when life seems hopeless and we are walking through what may seem like an absolute impossible journey. We must be the light to those around us so they can also experience the beautiful love from our Savior. Break through oh God…… we are praying for a break through…………………………..

My prayer for you this morning is that you will see that Break Through TODAY! Trust Him no matter how hard the storm is raging around you. Nothing is too big for our God......... NOTHING!

Love and appreciate you,