Sunday, September 4, 2011

Refuel and Recharge

Good Morning Beautiful Girlfriends!

My prayer for you today is that you and your family will be blessed beyond measure.  May God's presence and power be amazing in your services today!!!

Aren't you thankful today that God doesn't get stressed or tired? He never wakes up sleepy or has restless nights. His body doesn't ache from being overworked. He doesn't need to take Advil or Tums. What did God do after a big project? He rested. He actually took the time to step back, cease whatever it was he was doing and relax. Should we take a lesson?  I know personally that I need to take a serious lesson from this.............

My week has been anything but relaxing.  Busy, busy and then busy. Life can be exhausting. If you continually give out and don't refuel, recharge, spend quality time with God, you are doomed! Running on empty will not produce positive results.

It is important that we take time to recharge physically, emotionally and spiritually from the demands of life. We need to take time to evaluate where we have been, where we are and where we are going. We need to take the time to be a friend, a mom, a loving wife and Christian.

Studies show that people who fail to recharge their mental and physical batteries are more susceptible to illness and mistakes on the job. When my brother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a number of years ago at age 42, the doctors told him that stress promotes cancer. He held a management position and daily was forced to deal with high level stress in his position. Just remember that high level activity doesn't equal a quality life.

I love to walk. The challenge is finding the time for those 20-30 minutes of relaxation each day. It is such a stress release for me to breathe the fresh air, listen to my IPod and clear my mind. We all need to find something that will offer that stress relief to us and apply it to our lives. If not we can become irritable women........ Of course, I am sure none of us can possibly relate to that!

In addition to rest we must take time daily to sit at the feet of Jesus. Reading our Bible and spending quality time with our Lord will rejuvenate our spirit and life. Cultivating that relationship with Him will carry us through the mud and fog of this life.

I pray that you will find time to rest in Jesus today. Refuel and Recharge!!

Blessings Girlfriends!